We provide a range of eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance services for all sizes of yacht - all available to book on a one-off basis. 

However, if you're looking for longer-term cleaning solutions, our range of contract yacht valet packages offer great discounts and value for money.


Ecomarine Yacht Valet Services

General Interior Clean

Icon image of cleaning equipment on blue background representing yacht cleaning services

EcoMarine offers general cleaning to ensure 'everyday' cleanliness and tidiness is maintained inside your yacht. Perfect for pre and post boat trips.


  • Flooring - vacuum and mop
  • Hard surfaces - clean, disinfect and polish
  • General tidy, cleaning and disinfection of kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms & communal areas below deck
  • Removal and environmentally responsible disposal of rubbish

Download our price list or call 055 8537441 to enquire.

General Exterior Clean

Icon image of yacht representing exterior deep clean

Thorough cleaning of your yacht's deck areas, glass, railings, furnishings and fittings to protect from the elements and ensure a sparkling finish.


  • General tidy, cleaning and disinfection of deck areas and furnishings
  • Topside wash, de-salt, hose-down and dry

Download our price list or call 055 8537441 to enquire.

Interior & Exterior Deep Clean

Icon image of diamond on blue background representing deep clean for yachts

We recommend our deep clean service on a once-monthly basis to give a more thorough clean to maintain high hygienic and aesthetic standards - both inside and out of your yacht.

As per general interior & exterior cleaning plus:

  • Steam disinfection of bathrooms, kitchen, soft furnishings, hard surfaces and flooring
  • Stain removal (carpet/soft furnishings)
  • Teak deck cleaning
  • Exterior wash, de-salt, hose-down and dry
  • Clean and polish windows, railings and fixtures

Download our price list or call 055 8537441 to enquire.

Teak Deck Revitalisation

Icon image of wooden decking representing yacht deck cleaning services

Your beautiful teak decking can lack lustre after time from the UAE sunshine, salt water and general dirt build-up. Using specially eco-formulated teak cleaner, we'll leave your deck looking brand new and protected with naturally occurring grease repellents.


  • Sweep down of decking
  • Application and rinse of specialised teak formula

Price based on deck area by sq. ft, call us on 055 8537441 or drop us a line here.

Bilges, Drains & Tanks Cleaning

Icon image of pipes and valve tap representing cleaning of yacht drains and pipes

Not the most glamorous job - but we're here to do it so you don't have to.

Keeping your yacht's pipes, tanks and bilge  clean ensures nasty grease, oil and organic waste deposits are removed to keep systems working optimally - and smelling fresh.

Quote available on enquiry.

Underside Inspection & Cleaning

Icon image of snorkel and bubbles representing underside yacht inspection


We will be offering in-water underside inspection and cleaning to keep hull marine growth under control and prolong your boat's performance - less drag means less fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions.


  • Underwater inspection for dirt and build-up of fouling organisms
  • Recommendation for anti-fouling service
  • In-water hull cleaning using marine-friendly products and methods