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About Ecoworks® Marine

Ecoworks® Marine are pioneers in the development of sustainable and completely marine-friendly, yacht-specific cleaning products.

Their Preserve the Living Seas® range has been formulated using natural and plant-derived ingredients to minimise negative impact on the marine environment, whilst delivering exceptional cleaning and maintenance results for yachts.

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Sustainable, biorenewable & biodegradable

All Preserve the Living Seas® products' ingredients are sustainably sourced, and traditional harsh active ingredients replaced with benign, natural alternatives. Even the packaging is recycled and kept to a minimum through their unique concentrated formulas.

Ecoworks® Marine products are also REACH and ISO9001: 2008 compliant.

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MARPOL Compliant

MARPOL (MARine POLution) are the guidelines set out by the International Marine Organisation with regards to preventing pollution from marine vessels.

Ecoworks® Marine product range exceeds the compliance requirements set out by MARPOL (Annex 5 1.7.5), certifying them as "not harmful to the marine environment".

Ecoworks® Products we use

ecoyacht & superyacht washdown

Image of Eco-Works superyacht washdown product

Brilliant for general washing, desalting and degreasing, leaving a sparkling, streak-free finish. Effective and safe on ALL hard surfaces; fibreglass, vinyl, plastic, wood, rubber, glass, metal and all painted surfaces. Declared completely safe for overboard discharge.

ecoteak deck cleaner

Image of Ecoteak Deck Cleaner product

Ecoteak deck cleaner removes even ingrained dirt, leaving a revitalised, non-slip finish to teak and hardwood. Its special formula even repels pesky footprints and suncream spillages to keep your deck gleaming for longer.

ecoall-surface cleaner

Image of Eco All Surface Cleaner product

Multi-purpose cleaner that's safe to use on hard and soft surfaces, inside and out. Strong enough to vanquish red wine and coffee stains, and destroy grease and grime. Special 'friendly bacteria' cleans deeply, prevents dirt and odour build-up, and leaves a lovely fresh scent.

econatural sanitiser

Image of Eco-Works' Econatural sanitiser product

Mild citrus-scented disinfectant and cleaner used on all hard surfaces including bathrooms and food-prep areas. Its active ingredients are from naturally derived organic acids and surfactants. Kills 99.9% of bacteria, (in line with British Standard regulatory standards EN1276 and EN13697).

ecofabric cleaner

Image of EcoFabric Cleaner product

Biological fabric cleaner for stain removal, deep clean and deodorising of all soft surfaces and fabrics including carpets, curtains, upholstery, and safe for use on leather and vinyl. It is also brilliant at removing protein based spills such as wine, coffee, milk and bird droppings.

ecovarnished wood cleaner & wax

Image of Eco-Works Wood Cleaner product

Natural liquid cleaner and polish for all varnished surfaces and veneers including cabinets, tables, chairs, wall surfaces and handrails. Leaves a long lasting anti-static and durable high gloss protective finish.  Also suitable for laminates, fibreglass, plastic, paintwork and stainless steel.

ecobilge cleaner

Image of Eco-Works' Ecobilge cleaner product

An eco-friendly product for one of the most important areas of your yacht to keep clean and well maintained.

Ecobilge cleaner cuts through and safely disperses all oil, grease and hydrocarbon deposits without the use of toxic chemicals, leaving bilges clean and odour-free.

fogbuster® ecodrain cleaner + grey water additive

Image of Ecoworks' FOGbuster and ecodrain cleaner product

Unique liquid gel containing friendly bacteria and enzymes to eliminate fat, oil and grease (FOG) blockages and odours in drains and wastewater pipes. It's also a biological grey water additive, breaking down organic waste in water-holding tanks and drain lines, stopping smells AND  reducing the need to empty tanks as frequently.

ecoengine cleaner

Image of EcoWroks' Ecoengine cleaner product

Ecoengine cleaner is a heavy duty plant derived eco-solvent formulation designed to tackle the grimiest engines and engine bay areas. The solution fully disperses grease, oil and hydrocarbon deposits, leaving all surfaces as new.

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