In Dubai we are blessed with beautiful marinas, beaches and coastal waters which form an integral part of this buzzing city. We decided to launch EcoMarine Yacht Services to raise awareness of our responsibility to our environment, and show how we can all do our part in preserving and protecting it.

We're passionate about encouraging boat owners to make the switch to marine-friendly cleaning and maintenance practices, without losing the effectiveness of traditional products and methods.

About EcoMarine

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Superior cleaning performance

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Our supplier partner, Ecoworks® Marine, produces the specially formulated Preserve the Living Seas® range of boat and yacht cleaning products that EcoMarine uses for both interior and exterior cleaning of your yacht.

Ecoworks' proprietary formulations use natural, sustainable alternatives to the harsh and often toxic active ingredients found in many traditional products. This ensures that the products are non-hazardous to marine life, an even exceed the  MARPOL Annex 5 1.7.5 criteria.

Ecoworks' formulations are all created to provide disinfection, and tackle even ingrained dirt and tricky stains. They also promote longevity of your yacht, furniture and fittings, keeping odours at bay, resisting stains and offering a protective finish.

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Minimising marine impact

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Many yacht cleaning and maintenance products contain harsh chemicals which are toxic for marine wildlife - as well as for humans. Inevitably, residues from cleaning, waste water drainage, and irresponsible disposal of rubbish means that these chemicals can leach into the surrounding water. 

This can be devastating for the marine ecosystem, with potential to cause illness, disrupt reproductive cycles, and even dangerously reduce water oxygen levels from an increase in algal blooms. 

These aren't just issues for marine wildlife, they can affect us humans too. From swimming and contact with contaminated water, to seafood on your plate which could contain traces of detergents or solvents ingested by fish - the everyday routine of caring for your yacht can have a negative knock-on effect beyond the water surrounding your boat.  

EcoMarine's care promise

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We know the time and money invested in your yacht means that it is important to care for, protect and maintain it to the highest degree.

All of the products we use are extremely effective, but gentle even on delicate surfaces, and even go as far as preserving them from wear & tear, and preventing future dirt build up and odours.

We use non-abrasive equipment and methods, including steam cleaning to ensure the utmost care is taken in making sure your boat is hygienically clean, smelling fresh, and spotless inside and out.

EcoMarine's way of working

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As well as being environmentally responsible, we aim to be fair and ethical in the way we conduct business.

We are transparent about our pricing, and strive to give our customers great value for money whilst surpassing expectations of service and eco-friendly cleaning results.

Our 'Clean Team' are friendly and reliable individuals who are experienced and knowledgeable of the marine industry, and take genuine pride in their work and representing the EcoMarine way.

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